Top 50 Blogs by Physicians

If you are studying to be a doctor or if you’re just a voyeur into the medical world, these blogs may interest you. We’ve discovered, in creating this list, that doctors don’t run lukewarm…and they are totally human. They feel pain, anger, joy and humor just like their patients, only most doctors are more articulate in voicing these emotions. Thus, the top fifty blogs by physicians.

The following blogs were chosen by Google rankings, but also by the number of times they were recommended by other doctors. The list is divided into categories and each link is listed alphabetically to show that we do not favor one doctor over another.

The Human Side

Although the following doctors have their specialties, their outside interests seem to take front stage.

  1. Book of Joe: This “world’s most popular blogging anesthesiologist” offers his opinions on some odd subjects, always entertaining.
  2. Musings of a Dinosaur: if you want great writing and humor that makes you snort your coffee up your nose, this is the blog for you.
  3. Musings of a Distractible Mind: Go from seriousness to absurd from one blog post to the next in this strange, yet not harmful, blog.
  4. Notes of an Anesthesioboist: Combine a specialist with an oboe and this is what you get.
  5. Doctor Bruno’s Blog: Don’t look for medical advice here. This is an interesting personal views and opinions blog.
  6. Polite Dissent: Enjoy comics, medicine television and fun from this family practitioner.
  7. The Blog that Ate Manhattan: Cooking and doctoring in this blog, which focuses on both.
  8. The Doctor Is In: Dr. Bob is a Christian doctor who has a very popular blog.
  9. The Happy Hospitalist Blog: From the hospital doctor straight to your computer screen with various topics and a sense of humor.
  10. The Knitting Doctor: Lorette shares her passions — knitting and internal medicine. Yes, it works.


The following doctors have outside interests, but their specialties are the focus.

  1. A Blog Around the Clock: Bora Zivkovic’s scientific specialty is chronobiology (circadian rhythms and photoperiodism) and additional interests in comparative physiology.
  2. A Life In The Day Of A Basics Doc: This roadside doctor handles trauma and writes about his experiences. Sobering and riveting.
  3. Bioethics Discussion Blog: Once a week or so, Dr. Bernstein offers a blog entry of varying interests, always in the world of bioethics.
  4. Buckeye Surgeon: Ruminations by a non-academic general surgeon from the heart of the rust belt.
  5. CancerDoc: A budding oncologist “tries to make sense of the world.”
  6. Clinical Cases and Images: CasesBlog: This blog offers health news, updated daily, by a former Cleveland Clinic assistant professor of medicine.
  7. Doctor David’s Blog: Follow the musings of a pediatric oncologist.
  8. Dr. Deb: This lady is all business. She’s a psychologist specializing in trauma and depression and uses her blog for educating the public.
  9. Dr. Is In: Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes offers advice on a variety of topics, including addictions and mental health.
  10. Dr. Len’s Cancer Blog: Dr. Lichtenfeld is Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the national office of the American Cancer Society.
  11. Gruntdoc: A highly popular blog written by a doctor who once served in the U.S. Navy.
  12. Kidney Notes: Dr. Schwimmer tags news and other articles that focus on nephrology.
  13. Notes from the Country Doctor: Humor or medicine…or both? Don’t miss the quotes in the sidebar.
  14. RangelMD: Learn more about sickness with a dash of cynicism from this highly popular doctor’s blog.
  15. Rebel Doctor Web Log: This doctor specializes in sleep problems and psychology.
  16. Retired Doc’s Thoughts: Although some entries focus on health care debates, the focus here is on internal medicine, endurance training, exercise and gerontology.
  17. Rural Doctoring: Small-town medicine in the Internet age by Theresa Chan, a family physician working in rural Northern California.
  18. Suture for a Living: Although this plastic surgeon is into ‘stitches’ in quilts as well as on bodies, the focus is more on medicine and health than on sewing.
  19. The Underwear Drawer: This is a personal online journals os an anesthesiology resident in Atlanta and “what happens next.”

American Issues

  1. Bad Science: Dr. Goldacre is an award-winning broadcaster and medical doctor who specializes in tearing apart dodgy scientific claims made by “scaremongerers.”
  2. Fixin’ Healthcare: Dr. Newberry is a physician, former Dean of College of Medicine and Academic VP & Provost at MUSC in Charleston, SC (retired) and currently at Nutritional Health Centers in Greenville & Spartanburg, SC.
  3. Health Care Renewal: A variety of doctors contribute to this blog, which is focused on health care renewal.
  4. Join the hippest, most happening doctor on the Internet today as he tackles health care issues from the lens of a primary care provider.
  5. Medical Humanities: This blog, written by a slew of medical personnel, focuses on the intersection between medicine and the arts.
  6. SoloDoc: A family medicine doctor “goes from HMO to Solo” and comments on the healthcare debate.
  7. DB’s Medical Rants: Dr. Centor contemplates medicine and the health care system in this interesting blog.
  8. MD Whistleblower: Get it while it’s hot! Dr. Kirsch enjoys writing about controversies in the doctor-patient relationship. When he’s not writing, he’s “performing colonoscopies.”
  9. Notes from Dr. RW: Learn about strange happenings in the medical world, including the interface between medicine and politics, from this blog.
  10. The Covert Rationing Blog: Learn about healthcare rationing in America from Dr. Rich, a former professor of medicine.
  11. Wachter’s World: Dr. Wachter is MD is Professor and Associate Chairman of the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. He also writes this highly popular blog for and about doctors and their environments.

Other Countries

  1. Angry Doc: Angry Doc is anonymous, but he is located in Singapore, and his interests and opinions have garnered a large following over the years.
  2. Bad Medicine: This UK blog focuses on…yep, bad medicine; but, in a totally engaging way.
  3. Bagga’s Blog: Dr. Paul Baggaley is a Christian family doctor from Perth, Australia with an interest in obstetrics and pediatrics.
  4. Doctor Bloggs…The official online diary of Nasty Gnome Party: A highly political medical blog colored by a great British humor lens and focused on the British National Health Service (NHS).
  5. National Death Service: UK NHS horror stories drip from this “gotta watch this train wreck” blog.
  6. NHS Blog Doctor: Dr. Crippen, located in the UK, blogs about the trials and tribulations of family medicine in the NHS.
  7. Nip/Fuct: ‘Dr. Vegas,’ located in the UK, tags himself as a “greedy doctor looking for job satisfaction.”
  8. The Jobbing Doctor: Follow this UK general practitioner who works in a “large industrialized conurbation outside of London.”
  9. The Junior Doctor: This junior doc is training somewhere in the UK and “loving it.”
  10. Ward 87: This doc is an NHS whistle-blower. You think the U.S. has health issues? Read this blog and weep.

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