Top 50 Medical Ethics Blogs

Medicine is fraught with ethical dilemmas. The very nature of health care, medicine and biology offer insights into humanity. Additionally, issues of medical ethics delves into the most intimate parts of our lives, focusing on our bodies — sometimes at a cellular level. The state of health care, and the technology that is coming to medicine offer new challenges to the idea of what is right and wrong. Here are 50 medical ethics blogs that can offer insight on the debate.

General Ethics Blogs Related to Medicine

97187153_16040f08b7Medical ethics is about more than doctors and patients. Here are medical ethics blogs that look at ethics as they relate to medicine, technology and other intersecting areas.

  1. Medical Humanities: Tackles questions about medical terms, and looks into questions of humans and medicine, including when life begins and the ethics behind vaccination.
  2. Engineering Ethics Blog: Looks at questions of ethics in terms of current events, and also looks at medical technology as well.
  3. Genethics: Concerns itself with questions of ethics related especially to genetics.
  4. Medical Futility: This medical ethics blog focuses on the ethics related to end of life care.
  5. Hooked: Ethics, Medicine, and Pharma: Delves into the practices seen in the medical field, and the ethics of some of the freebies and perks that medical personnel enjoy.
  6. Sufficient Scruples: Concerned with questions of medical ethics and health care.
  7. Adventures in Ethics and Science: A look at the ethical implications of scientific advancements, including those made in medical fields.
  8. The Research Ethics Blog: Tackles concerns related to human subject based medical and scientific research.
  9. Lost in Translation: A look at clinical trial ethics and other subjects related to medical ethics.
  10. BRAINETHICS: Explores the implications of research on the brain. An interesting look at ethical questions related to neuroscience.
  11. Health Care Organizational Ethics: A look at the types of ethical situations that arise in organizations devoted to health care.

Bioethics Blogs

These blogs look specifically at ethics questions related to biology. These questions have a profound impact on medicine and the medical field.

  1. LifeEthics: Focuses on upholding human dignity, and the medical and biological issues that can get in the way.
  2. This blog from Loyola looks at different issues in bioethics and medicine, and tackles tough questions.
  3. Bioethics Discussion Blog: This blog is meant to be a place where anyone can come and share their views about medicine, ethics and what is happening in the world.
  4. Women’s Bioethics Project: Looks at questions of bioethics from a female perspective.
  5. Biopolitical Times: Addresses issues and questions of ethics and their relationship to current events and politics.
  6. Philosophy and Bioethics: Learn more about the place where philosophy intersects with bioethics.
  7. Ethics Illustrated: Bioethics International offers this project, designed to tackle questions of bioethics and make them more “real”.
  8. Bioethics Forum: Features the commentary from a number of people on issues relating to bioethics and other subjects related to medical ethics.

International Medical Ethics Blogs

Medical ethics and bioethics are topics that span the globe. Here are some of the best sites that tackle these issues from an international perspective.

  1. Global Bioethics Blog: Takes a look at different happenings around the world, and puts them into a medical ethics perspective.
  2. Medical Ethics Blog: This blog is written by a Toronto Star journalist intent on covering issues that affect medical ethics around the world.
  3. Journal of Medical Ethics Blog: Follows different medical ethics developments from around the world.
  4. Scientific Misconduct Blog: Follows the exploits of scientists, including those in the medical field, as they violate codes of ethics.
  5. Health Rights Advocate: Tackles issues of health and medical ethics around the world, and makes arguments in favor of health rights and protections.
  6. Global Voices: Stories from different people around the world on the subject of health, rights and medical ethics.
  7. Global Health Policy: This blog looks at health policy around the world and includes discussions on medical ethics.
  8. Karen Grepin’s Global Health Blog: Looks at what is happening on the global health scene, and asks questions dealing with health and medical ethics.

Medical Law

Law and ethics are closely related. Explore the relationship between medical law and medical ethics. Get an idea of what is legal — even if it may not necessarily be ethical.

  1. Medical Malpractice Law Blog: Learn about your rights as a patient, and find out what you can do in cases where medical ethics are not observed.
  2. Juvan’s Health Law and Private Equity Report: Look at what is happening in the world of medical law.
  3. Neuroethics & Law Blog: Tackles questions related to the line between ethics and law related to neuroscience.
  4. Journal of Health Law & Policy: Learn about what goes into health law and policy, and how it relates to medical ethics.
  5. Drug and Device Law: Medical device liability, as well as drug liability, are discussed on this blog.
  6. HealthLawProf: Get helpful information and discussion on the ethics behind the health care debate, and the laws that may be affected.
  7. CAMLAW: This is a blog about complimentary and alternative medicine law. It’s an interesting look at the ethics of alternative medicine, and the issues surrounding its use vs. more traditional medicine.
  8. HealthLawBlog: A look at what is happening in the world of health care, and a discussion of the ethics of what’s going on right now.

Pharma Blogs

These blogs focus on policy issues and ethical issues surrounding the pharmaceutical industry.

  1. Prescription Access Litigation: Explores the ethics of access to prescription drugs, as well as pricing.
  2. Drug Channels: Get the latest on pharma, new drugs and their ethical implications.
  3. Pharmalot: Looks at questions of ethics in the pharmaceutical industry.
  4. PharmaExecBlog: Get an inside look at different drugs and their development.
  5. DrugWonks: These bloggers keep an eye on what is happening in the world of pharmaceuticals, and discuss ethical and policy questions that arise.
  6. Eye on FDA: Keep track of what is happening at the FDA, ethical issues that arise between government and pharma interaction, and other subjects of interest.
  7. Drug Injury Watch: Keep an eye on the ethics of drug use, and the injuries that can result — and who should be responsible.
  8. Pharm Aid: Looks at ethical issues surrounding access to prescriptions, as well as news of pharma antics and more.

Health Care Industry and Ethics

Many of the following blogs concern themselves with questions of ethics as they relate to the health care industry, health care reform and medicine.

  1. Health Care for All: Looks at the ethical implications of health rights and medical access for everyone.
  2. Wachter’s World: Considers the hospital industry, ethics and quality of care.
  3. Health Care Renewal: A look at health care reform and the ethics of health care policy.
  4. EMedConcepts: Medical ethics and emerging concepts in the field.
  5. Disruptive Women in Health Care: An interesting look at health care policy, ethics and what could be fixed in medicine today.
  6. The Health Care Blog: Tackles issues related to the health care debate, reform and the ethical questions of medical access.
  7. Dr. Thompson’s Blog: An interesting blog about the place where medicine, ethics, business and politics meet, and how you can navigate a dysfunctional medical system.

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